In Autumn 2017 the small children's playground had to be closed temporarily. The platforms in the central adventure apparatus had deteriorated markedly and been finished off by a brief episode of vandalism.

Update 17 February 2018: the installation of a new central adventure apparatus was undertaken in late January. The central surface has been renewed and protected by concrete edging. The perimeter grass will take a little while to grow back and so some heavy duty safety matting has been laid temporarily to facilitate access to the swings and seating.

This installation was financed partly from the Trust's capital replacement fund and partly from a Community Fund grant approved by Effingham Parish Council in October 2017. The new apparatus is superior to the old one in both design and materials and we hope it will prove much more durable.

Additionally a group of local residents has organized a 'KGV Toddler Playground Appeal' to raise funds for other improvements to our playground facilities and their enthusiasm and input into this are highly welcomed. They have established a Virgin Money Giving web page for donations and also a Facebook page about the appeal's 'Children's Welly Walk' to be held on Saturday 10th March. Please also see this leaflet to learn more about the appeal and how you may contribute.


19:51, 08 Sep 2017 by Christopher John Hogger
The event log for this matter can now be read on this page.


19:24, 24 Aug 2017 by Christopher John Hogger


The chairs which had for many years been used for meetings in the Barnes Wallis Hall were looking their age and were cumbersome to stack and move around. In order to assist the purchase of lighter and more easily stackable chairs ('Advanced Urban High-Density Stacking Chairs'), Effingham Parish Council made a Community Fund award to the Trust in June 2017. Under this arrangement the Council and the Trust each contributed half the cost of purchasing 60 chairs and 3 stacking trolleys. The colour of the new chairs is not the vivid blue shown in the supplier's picture above but a restful green.

19:20, 24 Aug 2017 by Christopher John Hogger


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