Volunteering to help the KGV

We are always looking for volunteers from the local community to help in the everyday activity in the KGV grounds and Hall.

If you can help by offering some of your time, whether ongoing or as a one-off, we would really value that assistance. See the examples below of the kind of help needed.

Please click here to give us your details and we will get in touch with you.*


Fund Raising - the Playground Appeal has been hugely successful.

Can you help raise funds for further play equipment, or more seats in the grounds?

Communicating - our website is currently our main news channel.

Can you contribute to the website's news page or help to develop social media?


Events - these usually need lots of voluntary help.

Can you help in the planning, managing or coordinating of public activities?

Tidying - our contractors do a lot of this but cannot do everything.

Would you like to take part in litter picks, or in clearing undergrowth?

Local business - potentially excellent sources of know-how and support.

Would you like to build relations between local businesses and the KGV?

Practical work - there are always lots of practical tasks to be done.

Do you have handyman/handywoman skills that you can offer?


 * Please read our Privacy Notice which states that the Trust regards it as being in its legitimate interest to hold the contact details you provide to us.
These details will never be disclosed to any other party unless required to be for legal purposes.