Playgrounds for Toddlers, Juniors and Adults.

The Toddler Playground

We are especially pleased with our purpose-built activity playground for toddlers and young children.

In early 2019 the small children’s playground was extended, with new play equipment, picnic tables and seats, and smart new fencing and gates for additional safeguarding.

The playground was funded largely from cash donations raised through a Toddler’s Playground Appeal campaign organised by a small group of local residents constituted as The Friends of KGV Effingham. We are extremely grateful for their generosity.


The Junior Playground

More fun for the kids at The KGV Community Playground

The Junior Playground is a popular play place with local children and we are continually adding new elements to keep them occupied. If you have any ideas for new equipment we would be delighted to hear them. The latest addition is planned for August 2023 and is shown above. All equipment has ‘soft landing’ safety mats for added reassurance. The playgrounds are open seven days a week and are free to use. 

The Adult Fitness Equipment

Alongside the Junior Playground is a suite of Adult Keep Fit Machines. The machines are specially designed for outdoor use and are free to use. Why not join one of the keep fit groups that use them? Alternatively, you could incorporate them into the jogging trails that are marked in the grounds. 

Adult fitness equipment