Karen Bushell Counselling

Karen Bushell is an accredited counsellor who offers counselling services by appointment at The KGV. If you think Karen can help you, she can be contacted at:  moc.kooltuo@gnillesnuocbnk   Further Information From Karen: Experiences in our lives can leave us feeling helpless, confused or angry without knowing why. Perhaps you feel lost, frightened or out of control following a change in your life, or maybe you need to explore your childhood memories. At these times you may feel you need some professional help and support. In our sessions you will have the opportunity to explore what is happening in your life, to understand yourself more clearly, and to find ways of dealing with the issues and difficulties you are facing. The experience of self-exploration often leads to feeling more in control and confident as you begin to discover who you are. My background and training have focused primarily on Psychodynamic Counselling, – helping individuals to unravel, experience and understand their deep-rooted feelings to resolve them. I also have a particular interest in Neurodiversity and understanding Autism and ADHD. Whatever difficulty you are experiencing, counselling has the potential to offer you a place where you can be understood and heard, safe in the knowledge that your words and feelings will be treated with dignity and respect.