About Us

The King George V Hall and Playing Fields site is registered as a charity called Effingham Village Recreation Trust and is governed by its Trustee, Effingham Parish Council.

This means that, on behalf of Effingham residents, the site is looked after and managed by a small group of dedicated people.  The Trustee, volunteers and professional support staff work together to fulfil the charitable mission, which is:

for the public benefit, to provide or assist in the provision, support and or maintenance of facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation for the inhabitants of the area of benefit, in particular through the provision of a village hall and recreation grounds’.

In other words, to support Effingham’s community health through the sport and fitness, recreation, relaxation, social contact and wellbeing available from a visit to the site.

The process by which the Council became the Trustee is described here.

Within the resources available the Trustee and its staff and assisting volunteers do our utmost to ensure that everyone can make use of all aspects of this wonderful village asset. We are keen that you can safely take advantage of the many opportunities here whether as individuals or in groups. At present we do  not organise events or run activities ourselves, our objective is to help the people who would like to do so.  Please get in touch for help with your planning and your ideas! So long as these can be accommodated safely, can sit within the scope of the Charity and  and would not unduly impede existing activities of other residents, we will support you.

As a charity we are a non-profit organisation, and we aim to make facilities available to hirers and users at value-for-money prices which simply cover the costs they generate.