The Trustee

The charity Effingham Village Recreation Trust is governed by Effingham Parish Council acting as the Sole Trustee.  This role of the Council is entirely separate from its role as a tier of local government. When acting as Sole Trustee the Council operates in compliance with the Charities Act 2022, whereas when acting as a tier of local government it operates in compliance with the Local Government Act 1972. Persons elected to the Council (i.e. Councillors) automatically become members of the Trustee but are not individually trustees.

The Trustee is accountable to the Charity Commission and must take decisions in accordance with the governing Charity Scheme.

The Charity Scheme is available here.

The Trustee’s responsibilities include setting the Charity’s strategy and business plan, approving the budget and the end-of-year annual accounts, submitting the Annual Return to the Charity Commission, signing all significant contracts and licences, employing staff and appointing the Executive Board.

The Standing Orders

The proceedings of the meetings of the Trustee are regulated by the Standing Orders which determine, among other things,  who shall act as the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Trustee. The Standing Orders also determine whether an Executive Board shall be established to enact certain delegated powers and how such a Board shall be constituted, appointed and regulated.

The current Standing Orders can be read here.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Trustee are currently

CHAIRMAN : Paula Moss

The Executive Board

Operational management of the activities of the Charity is overseen by an Executive Board of up to 10 volunteers drawn from the community. Board members are appointed by the Trustee.

The Board is responsible for implementing the agreed programme of activity following the strategy set by the Trustee, in accordance with the agreed budget.

The Chairman of the Executive Board is currently

CHAIRMAN : Paula Moss

The Facilities Team

The day-to-day operation of the facilities at the KGV Hall & Fields is the responsibility of the Manager.

The Manager is responsible for hiring out and maintaining facilities at KGV, for general and financial administration of the charity and for ensuring on-site safety and security.

The Manager is assisted by an Administrator.

The members of the Facilities Team are currently

MANAGER : Sarah Montgomery
ADMINISTRATOR : Pippa Gardener