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The new 3G sports surface was opened on Saturday 14th September 2019. It occupies the site of the former tennis courts. The occasion was used to stage the 3rd annual Bookham Colts walking football tournament.
The project is the outcome of a successful partnership between Bookham Colts and EVRT begun in August 2016 and has been financed entirely by grants and donations.
The new 3G pitch can be hired by groups and individuals by contacting the KGV Manager at


EVRT Appointment of Clerk

This part-time post has been designed to support the volunteers who make up the Board and thus the Trust itself. The role requires an experienced, conscientious and flexible individual to take over responsibility for much of the clerical work, but also to oversee and steer the regular annual timetable of governance duties. Funding for the post has been made available by Effingham Parish Council.

The application process for this post is now closed.


EVRT Annual General Meeting

The Trust's Annual General Meeting took place at the King George V Hall at 8.15pm on 28 May 2019; doors opened at 8.00pm. Links to the Agenda, the draft 2018 Minutes and the finalised Financial Statements ('Accounts') for 2018-19 are given below.

Agenda : Draft 2018 Minutes : Financial Statements 2018-19


Toddlers' Playground Opening Ceremony

The project to refurbish and extend the playground for under-8 children is now complete, thanks to the generous donations of many local residents and many months of hard work by the organisers of the KGV Playground Appeal, many other volunteers and the Trust.The playground will be opened at 11am on Saturday 16th March 2019 by Elizabeth Gaunt, the daughter of Effingham’s famous former resident Sir Barnes Wallis.

A group of volunteers completed work on the playground on Saturday 9th March including turfing and installing the new picnic tables (see the photos below). This was entirely fitting as this has throughout been a community project. The playground surfaces are currently being allowed to settle in before the opening on 16th March.

Everyone is invited to celebrate the opening and enjoy the refreshments.

Photographs by courtesy of Vivien White, March 2019


Toddlers' Playground Appeal Update

The Toddler's Playground Appeal, organized by The Friends of KGV Effingham, has now raised just over £27,000 of donations to the Trust, a magnificent outcome – congratulations to all those who have worked so hard and heartfelt thanks to all those who have donated so generously. The Appeal has now concluded. Thanks are due also to Effingham Parish Council for granting a further £5,600 from the Community Fund. The resulting total amount of nearly £33,000 is sufficient for the project to proceed. The equipment is currently (December 2018) being ordered and should be installed starting around 25 February 2019.



Car Park Bollards installed

The old fencing around the car park has been replaced by smart wooden bollards which will be more durable and safe. Their installation was completed in October 2018.


For more detail about this project see the Projects page.


East Steps renewed

The east steps by the entrance gate from the A246 have been rebuilt during August 2018 and are now much safer.


For more detail about this project see the Projects page.


Village Room Refurbishment completed

The second phase of the Village Room refurbishment project (see Weblog below) got underway on 3 April 2018, starting with the fitting of new French doors leading onto the patio in order to meet disabled access requirements. The patio paviors were expertly adjusted to enable unimpeded wheelchair access through this new doorway.


The wall between the Village Room and the Barnes Wallis Hall was cut through, opening up the original aperture between them, into which moderately soundproof doors were installed.


Also, the door between the Village Room and the central corridor was replaced, as the previous door did not satisfy fire safety regulations. The Village Room decor has been dramatically improved. Finally, the long-awaited new flooring has been installed. The entire enterprise was completed in July 2018. For more pictures and more detail about the background to this project see the Projects page.


Toddlers' Playground Appeal

The Toddler's Playground Appeal has now raised about 80% of its target fund of £18,000. Please continue to give generously in order that this deserving project can be accomplished. Scroll down this news page to see the links for making a contribution.



Clearing of Rubbish

Volunteers have made an excellent job of clearing the remaining rubbish dumped last year during the traveller incursion. The work was done in two stages, on 26 March and 2 April. More details in the Weblog below ...


Older Children's Playground

The 'monkey bars' and 'zip wire' apparatus both became unsafe in March of this year and so have been disabled. Having obtained a playground inspection report on these items the Trustees will consider whether to repair or renew these facilities, or perhaps replace them by different ones.


Toddlers' Welly Walk

This event at the KGV, held on the morning of Saturday March 10th 2018, was organised by local residents as part of the KGV Playground Appeal. Click on the poster below for more detail.


Toddlers were sponsored to do a specified walk in their wellies around the grounds, starting at the KGV Hall after first registering there. Each child took with them a sheet showing various items of wildlife and were given a sticker by a marshal to stick on their sheet whenever they arrived at a board showing one of these items.


On returning to the Hall there were light refreshments available. Soon afterwards the Hall was set out with a wide range of activity equipment for the children and more substantial refreshments were then served. Exhibition boards were used to display the Playground Appeal's plans and ideas.

The Trustees express their warm appreciation of all the hard work that went into this event, with many volunteers involved and much background preparation - an excellent coming together of our community for a very worthy cause. Our thanks go to all the organisers and to the KGV Manager and, of course, to all the families who took part in the walk.

Here are some views of the event:


Welly walkers passing the first marshal.


After the walk, activities in the Hall ...


... and very welcome refreshments.


A medal and a personalised certificate for each child who did the walk.


Air Ambulance Fun Day

A Fun Day put on by the Kent-Surrey-Sussex Air Ambulance charity took place at the KGV on Sunday April 29th. Entrance was free. Details of the event can be obtained by clicking on the poster below.


Although the weather was rather poor the event raised £2,500 for the Air Ambulance.



KGV Toddlers' Playground Appeal

Local residents have organized a 'KGV Toddler Playground Appeal' to raise funds for further improvements to our playground facilities and their enthusiasm and input into this are highly welcomed. They have established a Virgin Money Giving web page for donations. Please also see this leaflet to learn more about the appeal and how you may contribute.



Trustees' Weblog

                                                                     Last updated : 17 January 2020


New Trustee Appointed

We are pleased to welcome a new Managing Trustee, Mr Philip Blows, appointed by Effingham Parish Council to serve for a four-year term with effect from 26 November 2019.


                                                                   Previously updated : 10 June 2019

Trustee Resignation

Mr Christopher Iles has resigned as a Managing Trustee with effect from 29 May 2019, having served a term of four years and one month. He held the position of Chairman of the Trust from July 2017. The Board conveys its appreciation for all his work on behalf of the Trust. His departure means that there are now three vacancies for Parish Council-appointed Trustees.


                                                                  Previously updated : 5 March 2019

New Trustee Appointed

We are pleased to welcome a new Managing Trustee, Mr Michael Edward Agius, co-opted by the Board to serve for a three-year term with effect from 4 March 2019.

                                                                    Previously updated : 22 November 2018
Trustee Resignation

Mr Jerome Muscat has resigned as a Managing Trustee with effect from 22 November 2018. Since he joined the Trust last March he has put much thought and energy into progressing several significant projects, for which the Board extends its appreciation.

newsdivider2                                                                                                                                      Previously updated : 11 November 2018

New Trustee Appointed

We are very pleased indeed to welcome a new Managing Trustee, Mr Timothy James Clarke, appointed by Effingham Parish Council to serve for a four-year term with effect from 30 October 2018. We look forward to his assistance in the continuing governance of the Trust. There now remain two unfilled Council-appointed places on the Board.


                                                                   Previously updated : 9 September 2018

Trustee Resignation

Mrs Gill Bowerman has resigned as a Trustee with effect from 6 September 2018 having served on the Board for nearly 7 years, acting as Hon. Chair during 2013-17. She first joined the Board in November 2011 and made important contributions in steering the Trust through some difficult times. The remaining Trustees convey their appreciation to her and wish her well for the future.

Following this resignation there is now only one Parish Council appointed Trustee remaining in place out of a possible four, so the Council currently has three positions to fill.


                                                                   Previously updated : 19 August 2018

Trustee Co-opted

On 31 July 2018 Ms Sue Morris' three-year term as a co-opted Trustee came to its end. She has kindly agreed to begin a new term as a continuing co-opted Trustee. She first joined the Board on 28 May 2013 and served as Hon. Treasurer from that date until 31 March 2016. 


                                                                   Previously updated : 27 June 2018

Parish Council Advertises for New Trustees

Effingham Parish Council has published this advertisement inviting applications to fill two Trustee vacancies on the Board of Managing Trustees; originally an application deadline was set as July 29th 2018 but this has since been lifted.  


                                                                    Previously updated : 31 May 2018

Two Trustee Resignations

Managing Trustees Chris Hogger and Liz Hogger have now resigned, with effect from 1 June 2018, having served terms of about three years. This leaves the Board with five members and two vacancies to be filled by Parish Council appointees.   


                                                                     Previously updated : 28 May 2018

New Trustee Appointed

We are delighted to welcome a new co-opted Managing Trustee, Mr Howard Manton, who we are sure will bring valuable skills to the ongoing governance of the Trust.


                                                                     Previously updated : 7 April 2018

Clearing of Rubbish

As noted below, during the traveller incursion last year a lot of garden waste, especially tree cuttings, was dumped in the woodland on the north and east sides of the KGV fields. On 26 March this year a group of nine volunteer residents and an EVRT Trustee collected and burned most of this material. The Trust warmly thanks all those who gave their time to this task, and to the Effingham Residents Association for their key role in organising it. The two pictures below of the event appear by kind permission of EFFRA.



A week later, on 2 April, further volunteer effort by members of the Rugby Club and a Trustee cleared the final residue, again requiring much effort as clear from the photograph below. Again, our thanks go to all involved.



                                                                     Previously updated : 8 March 2018

New Trustee Appointed

We are extremely pleased to welcome Mr. Jerome Muscat as a new co-opted Managing Trustee. We now have six on the Board, with one remaining vacancy. We know from experience that it can be very difficult to find people willing and able to take on the role of Trustee, especially if in full-time work or having other major life commitments. The Trustees' job of managing the KGV is no small matter, especially when trying to respond as best we can to the expectations of many sections of the community while having to maintain best practice in respect of the Charity scheme, the law and numerous regulatory requirements. It is an entirely voluntary role, day in and day out, undertaken for no personal gain. So it is always heartening when someone from the community can step forward to play their part in governing and sustaining this great village asset that we have.

Clear-up of KGV Grounds

We know the grounds contain quite a lot of general litter, especially at this time of year, and that there remain quite a few piles of stuff left over from the travellers' incursion, despite our efforts last Summer to deal with the worst of that.


                   we know it's there, hopefully for not much longer ...

Recently Manor House School and some local residents have assisted in clearing up some of the stuff - our grateful thanks to them - but a larger operation will be needed to get the task finished. We are hoping a group of volunteers can be found for this purpose - please get in touch with us if you are willing to help.

All-Weather 3G Surface

The tennis hard courts have had their day and we have been collaborating with Bookham Colts Football Club since mid-2016 on an ambitious fund-raising project to transform the courts into a new sports facility, namely, to put down an all-weather 3G surface and renew all the fencing and lighting. Donations have so far been received from the AVIVA and Co-op Community Funds and the Trust has also obtained a £10,000 grant from Guildford Borough Council's Community Grant Scheme. We are currently engaged in additional grant applications for this project.

Village Room Refurbishment

We have for a very long time been intending to refurbish the Village Room (the ground-floor function room) but have been waiting to get alterations to doorways done first. We've needed to do this for two reasons: firstly, to bring the room up to modern standards regarding disabled access; secondly, to reinstate the double-doors between the room and the Barnes Wallis Hall.


left - the wall where the doors will be be made    right - the patio doors will be replaced

The division of the Hall by the acoustic partition wall was planned and funded on the supposition that it would enable us to bring one half of the Hall into hireable use while the other half was in use by the Preschool. However, hirers often require convenient access to refreshments as well, and so our plan has been to transform the Village Room and the half-Hall into a single hireable space having convenient access to the servery. This required in turn refurbishing the servery, which had previously been in a very poor state. The present situation is that the doorways are to be altered soon and we have assembled quotes also for new floor surfaces in the Village Room. Even after all this there will remain much work to be done in improving that room, as funds permit.

Steps and Bollards

The steps leading into the grounds from the far-eastern gate by the A246 have deteriorated seriously. We have decided that they must now be rebuilt from scratch. On the western side of the grounds around the car parking area the old rustic fences are now falling to pieces and are often knocked down by vehicles, so we are going to replace those soon by wooden bollards.


left - the steps to be rebuilt    right - fencing to be replaced by bollards

These two projects will be financed by a Guildford Borough Council grant from its Concurrent Functions Grant Award Scheme. This CFGA grant will provide £8,600 altogether, half from each of GBC and Effingham Parish Council - the Council applied for the grant on behalf of the Trust and its half will come from its Community Fund.


                                                                     Previously updated : 24 August 2017

Traveller Incursion

The event log for this matter can now be read on this page.


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