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More KGV vandalism

Two planned openings of the car park on Browns Lane this weekend have had to be cancelled.

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Status report on the car park

Trustees continue to assess how best to secure the car park at KGV. Here is an update explaining measures we are taking and some of the ideas we are weighing up.

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Car parking at KGV

Trustees are considering how best to manage re-opening of the carpark on Browns Lane following the history of incidents and incursion during the summer.

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Trespassers at KGV

Trespassers who set up camp at KGV on Sunday 6 September were evicted from the site on Tuesday 15 September. The worst of the clean-up has taken place.

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An Oak Processionary Moth nest, high in the canopy of a tree

Oak Processionary Moth

The Oak Processionary Moth is extending its reach across the UK and has been detected at KGV.  Please be aware of the need to avoid it.

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EVRT’s AGM for the year ended 31 March 2020

EVRT’s AGM is delayed owing to Covid-19, but will be held later in 2020. The date will be announced when this is known.

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