How to contact the Trust

The Trustee

If you have questions or concerns to raise with the Trustee then please contact the Trustee either directly by email at: ku.gro.trve@eetsurteht or by post to:

The Trustee,
c/o King George V Hall,
Browns Lane,
Surrey, KT24 5ND

The Executive Board

Paula Moss is currently the  Chair of the Executive Board. If you have a question or an idea that you would like to propose to the Board then you can contact Paula by email at: ku.gro.trve@ssom.aluap.

Facilities Team

Sarah Montgomery is currently the Manager of the facilities. If you have a question regarding the hall, fields or usage of the facilities then please contact the management team:

by phone: 01372 451925

or by email: ku.gro.trve@nimda

or by one of the other methods offered here.