Accounts, Reporting & Meetings

Each year the Charity’s accounts (which consist formally of The Report of the Trustee and the Financial Statements) are subjected to independent examination in accordance with the Standards for Reporting Accounts and the requirements of the Charity Commission (SORP).

The accounts over a five year period up to the present time may  be downloaded as pdfs from the Charity Commission website (search with our Charity Registration Number 305018), or from this page using the links below.

Accounts 2017-18
Accounts 2018-19
Accounts 2019-20
Accounts 2020-21
Accounts 2021-22
Accounts 2022-23

The accounts for 2020-21 were presented at the AGM
held on 8 February 2022:

AGM 2020-21 Chairman’s Report
AGM 2020-21 Overview of the Accounts
AGM 2020-21 Minutes

The accounts for 2021-22 were presented at the AGM
held on 13 September 2022:

AGM 2021-22 Agenda
AGM 2021-22 Draft Minutes

The accounts for 2022-23 will be presented at the AGM
to be held on 12 September 2023:

AGM 2022-23 Agenda


Meetings of The Trustee Board

The minutes of meetings of the Trustee held on or after 16th February 2023 are available here.  Confidential data, including personal data, has been excluded from these published minutes.


February 16th Ordinary Meeting


April 19th Ordinary Meeting


June 6th Ordinary Meeting


September 19th Ordinary Meeting

October 17th Ordinary Meeting