Running Trails at The KGV

With grants from Effingham Parish Council and Guildford Borough Council new running trails have been added within the grounds of the KGV. 

There are two circuits marked by a series of oak marker posts.  Both the 1km and 2km circuits include a wide variety of settings across green open spaces, paths and woodland.

The circuits are suitable for families, joggers and walkers to follow at their own pace. 

The start/finish point is at a noticeboard outside the main entrance to the hall.

The two running loops are shown on the map opposite and are marked out at 100m marker points along each trail. Each trail takes you past our Outdoor Adult Fitness equipment. If you are feeling energetic, why not build in some time on the machines to enhance your fitness regime? 

The equipment is specifically designed for outdoor use and is available for residents to use free of charge any day of the week.