Fresh air and green space

The Trust’s grounds, once known as ‘The Park’, extend over 31 acres.  About two thirds of this is mown grassland and pitches and the rest is woodland.  There are many ways to use and enjoy the space, light and openness.  


For casual use by residents there are excellent opportunities for dog-walking, jogging, picnicking or just strolling about.  Near the ‘picnic tree’ (next to the car park) is ‘Loolabells’ outdoor kitchen with outdoor seating and tables where you can enjoy a drink or snack.   We are proud to report that a recent Guildford Borough Council survey of playgrounds in the borough assessed our KGV playgrounds at ‘Gold’  level – one of only ten in the whole borough to achieve this rating.

'Loolabell's Outdoor Kitchen' provides enjoyable refreshments to visitors of KGV. Immediately adjacent to the right is the famous picnic tree, with open air bench seating and tables.
A marquee erected in the grounds by Effingham & Leatherhead Rugby Club to provide additional space for their Sportsman's Dinner

 Stage an event

The open grass area is  as big as a showground and ideal for grand scale open-air events such as shows, concerts, theatre, fetes, fun days, festivals, Triathlons, charity events, dog shows, summer-school adventure days and so on.  If you would like to hire them for one of these purposes or similar, please contact the Administrator.

Play …

Not one but two playgrounds and plenty of space to run about

A little way beyond the picnic area is a fenced playground for very young supervised children, whilst in the south-west corner of the grounds there is an open playground for older children with swings, slides, cargo nets and so on.

Simple joys for all
The gyrocopter in the playground for older children
The 300m marker post and a bench, blending quietly into the parkland setting

Fitness for families, joggers and walkers

If you want a gentle stroll or are aiming at a more focussed regime, you can gain a sense of achievement from the 1km and 2km fitness routes.  English oak posts mark every 100m.  This makes it easy to check your progress and step up your goals: run 100m, then walk 100m, if you wish.  Benches are strategically placed!  The loops take in a variety of scenery around the KGV grounds passing as they do over grassland, paths and woodland tracks.  The start/finish point is at a noticeboard beside the southern side of the Hall (the one nearest the A246).  You can download the plan shown alongside from here.

This plan is on the noticeboard at the start of the route by the KGV Hall – click for an enlarged view

Adult fitness

Near the playground are a number of outdoor adult fitness machines, freely available for use.

NB if you are using KGV facilities for your fitness training business, or dog walking business, please contact us to arrange terms.

Adult fitness equipment

Maintenance of playground and adult fitness equipment is very costly.  Much more often than we would like and with the greatest regret, we have to take items out of use for Health and Safety reasons until we can afford to repair or replace them.  If you feel you could generously contribute to the costs of repairs or replacements, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Please be aware that for everyone’s safety and convenience, the following are strictly forbidden on any part of the grounds including the car park:

The bringing in of glass, whether bottles, drinking glasses or any other form

Barbecues, fires or fireworks, unless with the express prior written permission of the General Manager

The leaving of dog waste anywhere except in one of the several dedicated bins 

The riding of pedal cycles or scooters – these must be walked

The driving of any horse-drawn vehicles or motorised vehicles, unless with the Manager’s express prior permission

Parking overnight 

Bringing into the site any vehicle which does not have full tax, MOT and insurance

Parking for purposes other than the use of facilities at KGV.

An historic photo from 1965 showing the extent of the grounds and the grass amphitheatre. The occasion was the Benefit Match for Michael James Stewart of Surrey County Cricket Club