A space for your group to meet

Clubs and Activities at KGV

Looking for company or a  new social activity? Groups of many types make regular use of the KGV facilities and welcome new members. Some are very long-established clubs or enterprises, whilst others have set up with us only recently.

Wishing to start a club or activity?

If you have thought of starting a club and are seeking somewhere to meet for your activities then consider hiring facilities here at KGV. Contact the Manager in the first instance to discuss possibilities. The planned activities will need to be consistent with the Trust’s Charity Scheme which is to say that it should broadly aim to benefit residents primarily in Effingham or its immediate neighbourhood, and be for purposes of sport, recreation or community well-being. We will help you however we can.

Please note that if you are planning any sort of gathering anywhere at KGV –  social, one-off or regular, large or small, indoor or outdoor – you must speak to us first to check that you will not be clashing with others who have already booked.

If your planned activity is to be run as a business using the charity’s facilities which is to say you will be taking money from the participants towards your own expenses, naturally the KGV charity expects a contribution from you. This might apply for instance to outdoor fitness trainers or commercial dog-walkers making use of the grounds.