23 January 2024

Update on discussions with 1st Effingham Scout Group (1ES)

As you may be aware, 1st Effingham Scouts Group (1ES) have made several unjustified allegations about EVRT recently, most notably that we seek to force through a substantial increase in the rent paid by 1ES for use of the facilities at the KGV.
This is completely unfounded, not least because 1ES does not pay any rent for using the Milestone Hut, currently used as the HQ for 1ES),  for scouting activities, and is not expected to do so. Recently, however, 1ES has engaged in commercial activities including the sub-letting of the Milestone Hut and car park, allowing non-scout groups to park on the KGV grounds, thereby seeking to profit from the charity’s facilities. This unauthorised use of Trust property has resulted in damage to the grounds and confusion with licensed users over the use of the parking facilities at the Milestone Hut. To protect and secure trust property, EVRT has locked the Milestone Gate close to the hut to ensure that only approved users have vehicular access through that gate to the car parking area beyond.  1ES continues to have pedestrian access to the Milestone Gate, and parents are welcome to drop children either at that gate or in the main car park routinely used by parents of children attending other children’s clubs and activities that use the KGV.
EVRT seeks only to ensure that 1ES meets its legal obligation to operate responsibly from the Milestone Hut, under license from EVRT. EVRT applies no hire fees for 1ES use of the Milestone Hut for Scouting activities. Any charges requested for the use of the carpark and grounds are consistent with those paid by other user groups to cover the cost of maintenance. 
EVRT will continue to seek a collaborative agreement with 1ES that meets their requirements and respects the needs of all user groups and Trust property.