The Charity – Effingham Village Recreation Trust

The Charity was formed in 1951 and sealed in that year with the Charity Commission under the name 'King George's Field'. It was registered with the Commission ten years later when registration began in 1961, being assigned the charity registration number 305018 and the new name 'King George's Field and Hall' (although the present hall had not yet been built). It retained this name when its charity scheme was revised in 1990.

The Trust's Certificate of Registration may be downloaded from this page.

In August 2009 a new name 'Effingham Village Recreation Trust' and a new Charity Scheme came into being. Under this scheme the main object of the charity is specified as the provision of social and recreational facilities for the Parish of Effingham and its immediate neighbourhood, principally through the King George V Hall and the associated Playing Fields. This scheme was slightly revised in April 2018, partly to simplify it and partly to reduce the scope for conflicts of interest.

The Trust's Board of Managing Trustees consists of up to seven individuals, four being appointed by Effingham Parish Council and three being co-opted. The Trust's Custodian Trustee is Effingham Parish Council. There are currently two Parish Council-appointed Trustees:

  • Timothy Clarke (Hon. Treasurer)
  • Philip Blows

and three co-opted Trustees:

  • Howard Manton (Chairman)
  • Susan Morris
  • Michael Agius

Particular areas of responsibility are overseen by three subcommittees:

  • Finance Committee
  • Human Resouces Committee
  • Management Committee

The Trustees hold an Annual General Meeting, normally in June or July, open to the public.

The Trust's formal accounts may be downloaded from this page.

The Trust's privacy notice may be downloaded from this page.

The Trust can be contacted either by email: or in writing to: 

    The Chairman of the Board of Trustees
    King George V Hall
    Browns Lane
    Effingham, Leatherhead
    Surrey KT24 5ND