2 June 2021

Leading from the front on litter

Having people care about a shared environment makes such a difference and sets a fantastic example. Of KGV’s many visitors, some are truly public-spirited and take direct action regarding the litter that unfortunately others leave so thoughtlessly.  One person contacted the Manager to ask for a litter-picker, so that she can collect on her daily walk, but others just silently lend a hand and we are very grateful to you all.  Just recently came a really heartwarming example.  Hope, who attends St Lawrence Primary School, was taught about litter and the environment at school (thank you, teachers!).  As a result she has made the connection and taken it upon herself to collect litter at KGV on an almost daily basis, during her walk home from school.  Younger brother Jack joins in too.  On behalf of all of us, thanks to them and to their terrific mum who supports their wish to do this.

Welcome help from some of our youngest visitors