27 July 2023

Fabulous new play facilities for the KGV community playground.


More fun for the kids at The KGV Community Playground

The KGV Management Team are excited to announce the addition of a new multi-activity climbing frame at the KGV Community Playground! This fantastic new addition offers a variety of opportunities for children to engage in active play and develop essential skills while having fun.  Climbing is an enjoyable activity for children and plays a crucial role in their physical and cognitive development. The new community playground equipment will be installed in August. We hope to see children using it during the summer holidays.

Funding for the new play equipment was achieved through a grant application to Guildford Borough Council in collaboration with Effingham Parish Council, who we wish to thank for their continued support of the KGV. This new development is the first stage in the redevelopment of the KGV Community Playground to ensure that children in our area benefit from outstanding access to play facilities and that residents have a safe and inclusive area for sport and recreation. The huge new 24-square-metre climbing frame is suitable for kids from 8 years and can accommodate up to 12 children at a time.

If you have any ideas for equipment or additions to the facilities, please get in touch with us.

EXEC Board at the KGV