2 October 2020

Status report on the car park

Trustees are keen to update residents on why the car park remains closed – inexplicably, perhaps, to people, unless they are aware of the immense burden falling on those who have to deal with an incursion.  The threat of trespass remains high but we have not stopped working hard to move the situation on.  
At weekends when demand can be heavy there is now a procedure in place whereby the car park is being opened for limited periods provided there are always two marshals who man the gate and advise users that the car park will be shut again later, at a specific time. Any cars remaining will be locked in until the following day. It is hoped this will help to reduce the car parking on Browns Lane.


Quotes are being obtained for various ‘physical security’ options – for instance to restrict access to the car park for high sided vehicles and/or to prevent any unauthorised vehicle from going beyond the car park area onto the playing fields. Regardless of the costs and the look of such installations, if any of them are implemented there will inevitably ensue a further delay before they are in place owing to the need to obtain planning permission, potentially, for a height restrictor, and time for fabrication.

Trustees are researching the option of using a security company to open and close the car park gate on a daily basis; such measures might help prevent incursion at night and stop the use of the car park for joy riders and other illegal activities.

Legal advice is also being obtained to assess what other steps might be possible for a future rapid eviction of anyone trespassing on the grounds.

The Trust does not have the funds for this unforeseen expenditure and therefore the Trustees are considering how finance can be raised.

As we are sure residents can understand, unfortunately all of the above takes time, and no option is as simple as it might look at first sight – there are pros and cons for each one which may not be apparent to onlookers but which the Trustees will have to take into account.  In the interim, the car park will remain closed to avoid possible incursion resulting in associated costs and disruption. We continue to rely on residents’ patience and understanding as we work through this process.  We are progressing as fast as we can.


Trustees continue to assess how best to secure the car park at KGV. Here is an update explaining measures we are taking and some of the ideas we are weighing up.