30 April 2022

Temporary Locking of Car Park

Late this afternoon, Saturday 30 April, the KGV was seriously scouted by travellers, in successive groups, seeking an opportunity to move onto the KGV site, and at least half a dozen caravans duly turned up in Browns Lane no doubt with that intent.

The possibility of incursion was dealt with on the spot and for the timebeing has been averted. As a precaution the car park has been locked for the remainder of today and will remain so during Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, at least. After then we will review the situation.

The inconvenience this may cause to KGV users and those neighbouring the site is regrettable but would be much greater were an incursion to happen, and moreover on past experience dealing with an incursion would cost the charity thousands of pounds, which we simply cannot afford.

So, this is the way we have to act.

Postscript: the gate was reopened on Tuesday 3 May.