20 April 2020

A bigger team at KGV

EVRT Trustees are pleased to announce a bigger support team at KGV.  We welcome with great pride the steadily growing numbers of visitors and groups, but looking after these expands our responsibilities. Additionally there is a rolling catalogue of challenges presented by change, or events, and, of course, the need to try to balance our books. For several years this has been unremittingly hard work for a band of volunteers and one part-time employee.

The Board is therefore delighted that, as a result of discussions first begun with Effingham Parish Council in 2018, we now have a four-year funding agreement in place.  As a result we have been able to expand our personnel and also the office space available for them. Three hardworking, enthusiastic and skilled professionals (part time) with different specialisms are now supporting the General Manager and the Board of Trustees. We are delighted and sustained by this optimistic turn of events. The Board records its very real thanks to Effingham Parish Council for its recognition of what KGV can, and does, contribute to the well-being of our village.

EVRT Trustees are delighted to welcome a new four-year funding agreement with Effingham Parish Council. This has made it possible to bring in three more skilled people to help the General Manager and Trustees cope with the enormous workload of running the site.