13 October 2020

Bollard functioning again

We are pleased to confirm that the vandalised mechanism on the retractable bollard at the main car park gate is now back in working order.  This means a return to the system of controlled openings being used before the damage was done is now possible.  Groups who have the necessary arrangements in place to handle the unlocking, the re-locking at a specific closing time and the marshalling in between will be able to open the car park.  At these times access is available to all, not just to members of the particular group looking after the arrangements.  We envisage that these openings will largely be at weekends for the time being.

Trustees continue to research and cost up alternative ways of protecting the grounds from further incursion.  Whilst it may appear to the casual onlooker that the threat has gone away, Trustees are all too aware that it very much has not.  Residents are asked to understand and respect this; no-one wants the gates open again more than the Trustees!

Trustees are also considering how to raise the funds to allow any installation, if that is the route decided upon, to happen as quickly as possible.

The vandalised bollard at the car park gate is back in working order