14 November 2020

Keeping KGV healthy for dogs and humans

Being out with a dog is a wonderful way to keep both of you healthy, and as such is a welcome sight at KGV.  But while keeping themselves fit, dog-owners must take care not to endanger the health and enjoyment of other visitors to KGV – or any other public spaces.

Guildford Borough Council will shortly be renewing for another three years its Public Spaces Protection Order which prohibits the leaving of dog waste in public spaces anywhere across the borough.  You can read the current Order here:


Picking up after your dog and depositing the bagged waste in one of the bins provided at KGV is obligatory.  It is not acceptable to ‘flick it’, or imagine that it does not matter if the waste is left to lie in the woodland areas, or to drop the bagged waste on the ground, or hang it on trees/bushes.

If you see someone at KGV not picking up after their dog or not disposing of the bagged waste properly, you can use an anonymous online form to report this to GBC’s Dog Warden service who will deal with it as described here (scroll down to the Dog Fouling section):


Here is the confidential form:


The Dog Warden advises that you do not take photographs of offenders.

It would be wonderful for all visitors to treat each others’ health and enjoyment with mutual respect.



Guildford Borough Council’s Public Spaces Protection Order prohibiting dog fouling is being renewed